I have been breeding rabbits for about 3 years now . I readily have a litter of nine available currently , if you are interested in a later litter please contact me ! Current litter bunnies were born April 18, 2018. These rabbits have been bred to have very special coats ( color and texture ) they are a cross between pure breed mini rex and rex lop bunny. Some of the bunnies have rex fur while ...
These are baby New Zealand whites and too cute for only five dollars each. They are Amish owned, so no Sunday sales please. He also has adult rabbits for breeding, pets or for food. He can dress them for four dollars a pound. You may contact him directly between 730 AM to 800 AM at 270-271- nine two eight zero. or you can pick them up at 13765 Lonnie Walker road, Herndon, Kentucky.
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